with WorkMarshal Manage your business with peace of mind, securely.

Application security

WorkMarshal is hosted in amazon web services. The infrastructure for database and application servers is managed and maintained by amazon. We ensure that everything from engineering to deployment and from architecture to quality assurances complies with the highest standards of security.

Multitenant Architecture

WorkMarshal is a multitenant saas application and is serviced from individual private cloud. Each customer is uniquely identified by tenant id. The application ensures that it always fetches data only for the logged in tenant. No customer will ever have access to another customer data.

Your Data is safe

WorkMarshal protects all data in transit or at rest using industry standard transport layer security (TLS) and AES encryption. Regular data backups and encryption are performed on AWS to keep your data safe and secure in SSAE16 certified data centres.

Quality Assurance

WorkMarshal application is subjected to stringent security validation and verification. No update to the application is approved from the quality assurance team if vulnerabilities of any kind are identified.

Compliance Proof

WorkMarshal adheres to strict data security, access, integrity policies as defined in the safe harbour framework. Third party payment processor used by WorkMarshal is PCI compliant which means your credit card data is securely stored and processed.

Network Security

WorkMarshal is hosted in AWS with security managed by amazon. Our teams monitor the infrastructure 24/7 for stability, intrusion and spam. We perform regular penetration tests and vulnerability assessment.